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Here you’ll find the record of my first (failed) coast to coast attempt. I say failed because although we made it all the way across, so much time was lost we had to bus (and train) a lot of the way.

I originally wrote the thing as a personal account of the trip, but a friend of mine thought it was such a good read he said I should share it around. Some people are easily pleased!

In any case I hope you find it at least mildly amusing. We enjoyed ourselves walking it!

No doubt I’ll be posting some more (mis-)adventures, so if you like my Coast to Coast story it may well be worth popping back.

All comments invited.


early days

I started off in the Scouts in the 1970’s. Freezing my toes off in heavy canvas patrol tents and digging our own latrines, sinking half way across streams in home made rafts, peeling potatoes in the pouring rain with a blunt sheath knife and spending winters in mouse-infested sheds, it was no surprise that after those experiences I was bitten with the outdoor bug!

College years saw me camping with my mates in Wensleydale: My first introduction to proper countryside, proper walking and Old Peculier.

Those first walks were in ill fitting boots, non- waterproof waterproofs and nice absorbent jeans. I couldn’t get enough.

There followed various holidays to Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons and the Peak District, supplemented by regular walks around my ‘local’ countryside (up and down the Ridgeway LDP).

My first proper long distance walk was the Pennine Way in 1986, followed a cycle tour of County Wicklow and culminating in the Tour De Mount Blanc.

After that I was kind of preoccupied with family matters until my sons showed an interest in walking. (Carrying them around in a papoose must have helped there) and we began walking again.

For my 50th birthday I thought I’d try something a little more challenging and so to the Coast to Coast…<read more>