Coast to Coast 2010 - Introduction



Blue = Wainwright, Red = Our route

The Coast To Coast Attempt

Mike Hooper, his son David and his good friend Keith attempted the Coast to coast during August 2010. This is what happened…

Mike’s reasons why you shouldn’t go away on Friday 13th.

  • My phone died
  • Raging toothache for a week, two weeks before I go. The tooth broke in half the day before my dentist went away for two weeks holiday, less than a week before I was due to go
  • The computer died the day before I leave, just before I print out all the trip notes. I took out the hard drive and printed them out in work, and then forgot to bring them home the night before I leave
  • My boots, after a month of continuous wear, still hurt my feet
  • I pulled a muscle in my back
  • My companion dashed out to catch his train only to discover he had not picked up his useful wallet but his slightly less useful work ID and oyster card!
  • Too early on in the trip I ate too many hillside chocolate raisins and got a free helicopter Ride