Day One - Travel Day

David and Mike woke up at a ludicrously early 4:00 am. Mike’s sack weighed in at 18kg, with lunches for four days for three people, and a kilo of fruitcake and a giant chorizo sausage.

Taxi to Watford Junction (We were early enough to see The Metro being delivered!) and away to Carlisle and then a local train (more comfortable David thought) to St Bees (So excited!)

Arrived at a very ‘Thomas the tank engine’ station and had lunch at St. Bees cafe - just in time to snaggle two breakfasts, complete with mugs of tea and bread and butter.

Replaced lost hat.

Keith was due to arrive after 2:00, so we fooled around on the beach for a while. We noticed quite a few coasters arrive. Most made their way toward St Bees Head.

Found a crab and some shrimp in the rock pools.

Keith arrived and we’re off... er... well, straight after he’s had lunch.

A fast pace saw us off.. er... well, after a search around for a walking pole tip.

Right. Up to the coast pa... er... well, after Mike went back to retrieve his trusty stick (a pattern that was to be often repeated throughout the journey).

Right, up to the coast path on a glorious day, with views to the Isle Of Man. A goodly pace was set.

Turned right at the light house for Tarn Flatt bunkhouse.

We found Tarn Flatt and Keith tried a little ‘home invasion’ tactic that startled our landlady. We laughed! She didn’t though. We laughed some more... and then apologised... several times. We think we got away with it, although we did get the room next to what smelled like the cow shed.

We met two other coasters - one of which (Mickey) Mike knew from the C2C Sherpa forum. They gave us some stories and impressed us with their Jetboil. They were sceptical we would carry a kilo of cake with us up all those steep hills!

There was a minor hiccup - the traditional first dinner of hot dogs and mash Keith couldn’t eat as it had milk in. He happily tucked into freeze dried Pad Thai instead. It was a two portion pack and ‘keith the legend’ had trouble finishing it! We helped. The cake was a hit.

We hit the sack, sorry ‘hard wooden shelf’ and slept.