Day Two

We woke to find Keith on the floor. Something about Mike snoring, or some such fiction.

A leisurely brew and pack saw us off at around 9:30 on another clear and sunny day, towards Ennerdale Bridge.

The day progressed well enough, negotiating lanes and field paths before trying the disused railway around Moor Row. However we soon got fed up with all the cyclists and headed through the village.

A missed footpath, two Aussies and a cricket match later and we were looking orward to a famous Farrington pie at Cleator... only to discover they don’t sell them at weekends! Curses! David was especially upset.

We worked out our anger and frustration by climbing our first hill - Dent, but this 45°, 352 metre lump merely added to the anger and frustration!

Finally wheezed to a halt near the summit for a late lunch. Fantastic views with the Isle of Man on the horizon, only marred by the blot of Selafield.

The chorizo, oatcakes and dried fruit was given the thumbs up. As was more cake. An hour later we summited and head down towards Nannycatch. There was some discussion as to the best way down - straight down or a large zig-zag through the
forest. Mike’s ‘dodgey knee’ plumped for the forest but he got out voted and we crossed a field and slowly edged our way down the steep slope to Nannycatch. We took our time and actually, it was not that bad.

There were no rights of way through the gorge but there were footpaths and sign posts, and two other coasters, so we follow them.

Pitched up at Low Cock How farm fairly early - only 10 miles today. Nice pitch in the farm’s garden. Keith’s Gelert one man tunnel tent was inspected. Quite cosy.

After a brew, off t’pub in Ennerdale Bridge. Nice views of tomorrow’s task in the distance, lit by the evening sun.

Nice sunny evening’s stroll.

Food and beer (What beer? Can’t remember) at The Shepherd’s Arms, a moonlit stroll with musical accompaniment: Mike on harmonica, Keith and David on earplugs.

So to bed. Feet slightly aching.