Days Four and Five

A fitful, cold and an unexpectedly noisy night ended in an early morning cry for help (David to the rescue gain) and a lift by the Great North Air Ambulance (in G-HEMS, a Eurocopter AS365N Dauphin. Started service with the Great North Air Ambulance Service in November 2006. Previously the helicopter was London's air ambulance), which deposited the by now empty husk of Mike to Whitehaven General.

David and Keith were left to break camp and make their way to Buttermere and thence to Whitehaven via an expensive taxi ride.

Mike gets processed. He thought he was hallucinating; one moment he was on a mountain, next he flew through the air. Then seemed to be.... surrounded by nurses and... and... was in a comfy bed... and got put on drip, “wha? no no, hang on...”

David and Keith were forced to stay in a comfy B&B while Mike recovered. To while away the time David memorises the complete town layout.

On the evening of the second day (Day 5) Mike was pried away from the nurses of the NHS and was reunited with the gang. However, because he had been so ill his clothes, every stitch, had to be washed or burnt. A temporary outfit was purchased from The British Heart Foundation.

He looked very dapper.

Plans were made. One of which Jackie didn’t like (To carry on the walk).