Day Six

Shopped in Whitehaven, picked up Mike’s laundry, including a synthetic shirt that supposed to keep fresher than a normal cotton ‘T’. It was not quite successful. After the first day it began to smell and by the time Mike became ill it got so bad it was starting to breach several UK and European arms treaties. Even after washing it could stop the most unhygienic ‘gentleman of the road’ in his tracks at 50ft. Well, at least he wasn’t bothered by flies anymore. Or animals. Or people.

Whitehaven street urchin

We lunched in The Vagabond (the name seemed apt). David entertained us by playing the guitar, as we downed a decent pint and listened to the barman’s witty banter. Good food too. Then a bus to a busy Keswick Camping Club site.

Dewent Water from Keswick