Day Eight

Wind and rain. With extra rain. The campsite was in danger of flooding. We quickly packed up and left. As Keith now found out his jacket leaks and Mike finds out his trousers leak and the weather looked like it was set for the day, we modified the plan. We’ll carry on to a NT visitor centre at Watendlath, have lunch there and if it’s still grim, taxi it back to Keswick. At Watendlath it was evident the NT have abandoned their outpost as it’s nailed shut. The most we can do is regroup in the toilet block, where we drop the beer, soaking Keith’s rucksack..

Plan B - Back to Borrowdale and see if there is a B&B or hostel there. We take a slightly more direct route, following a bridleway to Rosthwaite.

We were advised that the B&B were probably all full and the hostel at Seatoller would undoubtedly be full, as it’s the start of the weekend (already?). What we did find was the Old Yew Cafe, where we had lunch. Nice Herdwick Sheep stew.

Bus back to Keswick then.

The CC site still looked good but the crew out-vote their fearless leader and insist on a B&B. This is after all what we were aiming for in Rosthwaite. Mike pushed for the YH, with its proper drying facilities, but they had no room.

We mysteriously got drawn in by an old lady into her very attractive guesthouse. The rate appeared negotiable but we strangely ended up agreeing to the full amount.

In the end it turned out we had free run of our floor so we strung out all our wet gear to dry.

It transpired Keith was having secret talks with his brother Ian, trying to get some cash. Suddenly it turned out that Ian was on his way with cash and, although driving all this way, just wanted to head home. Keith showered Mike and Dave with money and while they were distracted accepted Ian’s offer of a lift and disappears. Did he really go home, or was he a victim of our mysterious old lady?

Strange old lady showing us our room..... Funny, she doesn’t appear to be there...

Dinner for two (sad) at pub in Keswick High Street - fish and chips.