Day Thirteen

Up for a good breakfast. All packed we arrange to leave our bags at the farm while we explore Ingleton.

The first stop; Tourist information to see what was what.

The nice lady helped us research the buses. It turned out there were no buses to Hawes. At all. Ever. In living memory. The bus routes shown on various maps must have been the work of malevolent cartographic spiders.

David spies the rail link - the famous Settle to Carlisle railway! Looking at the bus and rail times we realised we had just enough time to do the waterfalls walk before we catch the bus.

But we had better hurry.

The Ingleton Waterfalls Walk is a pleasure. The route takes you up an ever narrowing valley, over footbridges and along riverside paths.

In august, everywhere there are dancing lights and the song of running water. At the head there is a single large drop waterfall you could practically walk under, before climbing into typical limestone Dales scenery with extensive views before descending into a similar narrow gorge, full of more waterfalls, that lead you back to the village.

Whoops, we got carried away there.

We now had 40 minutes to retrieve our packs and catch the bus. Remember where the B&B was?

Don’t worry, we made it. We even had time to buy some award winning pork pies for lunch.

Bus to Settle.

We made the station just in time. Tickets bought on board, Mike started to get all exited - THE Settle to Carlisle railway! We’ll be using the Ribbleshead Viaduct, by gum!

Mike couldn’t keep still. Staring out of the window, grinning from ear to ear. David just puts up with him.

We disembarked at Garsdale head. It used to be Hawes Junction but thanks to Dr. Richard Beeching’s axe and the invention of the bus, the branch line through Hawes and Wendsleydale to Northallerton is no more.

Now we have to rely on ‘The Little Red Bus’ Which is what we did. A delightful service and it just seems to run from Garsdale Head to Hawes.

We were just getting on it when a steam train thundered through. (We wondered why all those photographers were hanging about).

That bus was a sanctuary. Garsdale was infested with midges! Saw two goats, though.

The driver was quite chatty, and seemed to know every passenger by name. He asked us where we were going. When we told him we were camping in Hawes, he said knew the lady who ran the campsite and phoned ahead to see if they had room! And then he dropped us off at the campsite!

Now there’s service!

Wouldn’t get that on the 140 to Greenford.

Very nice site. Extensive views all around. Mike feels he has come home.

New Ings Farm at Hawes in Wensleydale

Time for some chores; laundry, showers, tea and dinner (the dehydrated dinners Keith purchased went down very well), and off to The Crown for an Old Peculier (so exited!)

The ‘Old Peculier’ primer

See the funny bald man grin and skip to Hawes.
Grin, grin, grin,
skip skip skip.

See him take his youthful companion into the Crown, forgoing all other establishments.
Forgo, forgo, forgo.

See the funny bald man grin as he gurgles into his pint of Old Pec.
Gurgle-gurgle, gurgle-gurgle, gurgle-gurgle.

See him grin some more.
Grin, grin, grin. (hic)
See his youthful companion nervously laugh and back away.*
Chuckle-shuffle, chuckle-shuffle, chuckle-shuffle,

Funny old bald man!

Optional verse*

Mike slept soundly. David was too scared.

A happy, funny old bald man