Day Sixteen

We moved to the camp site (another CC jobby). We looked at how busy and ‘cvilised’ it is and mourned for our remote wild camps.

David buys a gummy worm in disgust and a new phrase enters the vocabulary of travel weary hill walker-dom, capturing the moment perfectly. ‘Gummy Worm’.

“Gummy Worm”

We went sight-seeing in Scarborough. Looked at the beach, castle (very windy), shops (David finds a music shop) and all the usual stuff. There was a very interesting shop selling replica weapons, along side fairies and dragons, and real knives and kids toy swords and lighters with naked women on, all displayed without a care in the world.

Gull feeling tyred

We shared our lunch with John, who has been on the road for eight years. He gets by, by writing and selling poetry and doing odd jobs. At 48 he hopes to continue traveling for another twelve years and then plans to write a book on his experiences.

David collects seaside

We tried to take a proper look at the castle but it was closed because of the wind, so we spent the rest of the afternoon sightseeing..

And so ended our last day.


We had dinner at the campsite cafe. Fish and chips, tea, bread and butter. This is how we started our journey, all those years weeks ago.